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FMD-01 Technical Specifications:

The FMD-01 is a dual channel device capable of accepting frequency modulated carrier signals from both a front standard (FS) and exciter end (EXC) toothed wheel or optical signal source.  The input and output signal specifications apply to both the FS and EXC signal paths.  The FMD-01 is designed for permanent installation.  If you require low cost temporary monitoring of a single speed input, contact EUMAC about the low cost portable model FMD-T.  Its performance specifications are virtually identical to the FMD-01.


Input Signal:

A 1,000 Hz to 6,000 Hz approximately sinusoidal waveform or square wave from a shaft mounted toothed wheel on the turbine generator and stationary magnetic speed sensor.  Alternate input is supported from EUMAC model OP-01 optoprobe and striped black & white target affixed to the turbine generator shaft.  The allowable input signal range is 1.0 volt peak to peak (p-p) to 50 volts p-p.


Input Impedance:  

bullet20K Ohms @ 1,000Hz to 60K Ohms @ 6,000Hz. 


Output Signals:  

The first output signal is a voltage proportional to speed deviation from synchronous speed, denoted as delta omega (Dw). Typically set to 10.0 volts peak-to-peak output for a 1.0% speed change from synchronous speed.  Customer may specify other calibrations at time of order.  The second output signal is a voltage proportional to speed change from 60Hz, denoted as omega (w).  Omega is calibrated such that a 1.0 Hz change in speed produces a 2.0 volt change in output up to a maximum of 5.0Hz (or 10.0 volts).  The difference between delta omega and omega is that delta omega tracks average speed and outputs a signal proportional to deviations from average speed.  Omega tracks speed changes from an absolute 60.00Hz basis.  Both signals outputs are capable of driving a 5k Ohm or greater load. 


Alarm Outputs:  

Alarm outputs are available in the form of contact closures that provide information on the state of the FMD-01 and its input signals.   Loss of input signal, FS & EXC channels inoperative, loss of power supply are all alarmed quantities.  The alarm contacts are rated for 125 vdc or ac @ amp maximum.


Power Requirements:  

bullet105 to 130 VAC, 47 to 420Hz @ 0.15 amp maximum.


Physical Specifications: 

bullet7 high by 16.75 wide by 12.5 deep.  Weight 25 lbs.



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