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(top left) Model FMD-01 front panel        (top right) Model FMD-01 rear panel

(bottom left) Side view of FMD-01          (click on any photo to enlarge)

FMD-01 FM Demodulator

The FMD-01 utilizes the output of a magnetic shaft speed sensor or opto-probe to produce an analog voltage proportional to turbine generator torsional vibration.  Measurement of the natural frequencies of turbine-generator torsional vibration is critical in the development of a subsynchronous resonance (SSR) protection scheme for affected turbine generators.  SSR phenomena may affect generating units connected to series capacitor compensated transmission lines.  The inductance of long transmission lines is frequently compensated by the addition of series capacitors to reduce the effective inductive reactance of the line by as much as 75%.  This allows the megawatt transmission capacity of the compensated line to be increased greatly.  The negative factor associated with series capacitor the compensation is the possibility of a potentially catastrophic electromechanical interaction between the natural mechanical resonant frequencies of the turbine generator and the electrical series resonance of the compensated transmission line.  This interaction is termed SSR.  The FMD-01 is the most sensitive transducer available for detection of shaft torsional vibration associated with SSR.  Click here for FMD-01 technical specifications.

Key Benefits:

bulletContinuously monitors shaft torsional vibration
bulletSensitive, reliable, and low cost
bulletSupplies data required for shaft fatigue life expenditure calculations (FLE)

Accessories Supplied:

bulletOne model FMD-01 instruction manual
bulletSpare fuses

Optional Accessories:

bulletFMD-CC High impact carrying case
bulletOP-01 Opto-probe
bulletMAG-01 Magnetic speed sensor
bulletExtra model FMD-01 instruction manual

Warranty and Support:

One year parts and labor.  Unlimited phone support on applications and troubleshooting.


Description Price
FMD-01 FM Demodulator $4,200.00
OP-01 Opto-Probe $495.00
FMD-CC Carrying case $250.00
MAG-01 Magnetic speed sensor $200.00
Extra FMD-01 Manual $75.00

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Prices listed are in U.S. Dollars.


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