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In Development


*NEW* ISO-01 Isolation Amplifier *NEW*

The EUMAC Model ISO-01 Single Channel Battery Powered Isolation Amplifier allows for safe and efficient monitoring of voltages not referenced to ground with 1500 vrms isolation input to output and the added advantage of ground loop elimination and common mode noise rejection.                 



Our patented, hand-held, cost effective, non-intrusive, rapid DC and AC fault location instrument.


VDT-01 Voltage Deviation Transducer

EUMAC's user friendly 3 wideband voltage deviation transducer for power system stabilizer tuning, automatic voltage regulator tuning, and generator frequency response measurements.


FMD-01 FM Demodulator

Our field proven instrument designed for measurement of turbine generator torsional vibration modes and subsynchronous resonance (SSR) testing.


PAM-01 Power Angle Meter

Our self-calibrating power angle meter for synchronous generator model verification and stability testing.


SIM-01 Turbine Generator Simulator

EUMAC's turbine generator simulator designed for model PAM-01 Power Angle Meter off line test & calibration.

OP-01 Turbine Generator Opto-Probe
Our opto-electronic probe for precise measurement of turbine generator shaft rotational speed without shaft contact.




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